Dopamine Nation by Dr. Anna Lembke, Read This Before You Buy!

Dopamine Nation by Dr. Anna Lembke

Dopamine Nation by Dr. Anna Lembke is our first recommendation for neuroscience-related books.

  • Rating (Goodreads): 3.9⭐ (~15k votes)
  • Author: Anna Lembke (website: )
  • Paperback: 576 pages
  • Publication Date: August 2021
  • Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
  • New York Times Bestseller
dopamine nation anna lembke

In this insightful analysis of pleasure-seeking and addiction, psychiatrist Lembke (Drug Dealer MD) asserts that maintaining a healthy balance between pain and pleasure is “critical for a life well lived.” Lembke describes how the human brain’s pleasure center functions and the effects of the feel-good chemical dopamine using examples from her work treating patients with a variety of addictions. She also makes the argument that the brain is “ideally adapted to a world of scarcity.”

Yet the current world is characterized by “overwhelming abundance,” and as a result, individuals who battle addiction “have acquired a wisdom perfectly suited to the age we live in now.”

Quote to remember: “The smartphone is the modern-day hypodermic needle, delivering digital dopamine 24/7”

Moreover, Lembke advises beginning with periods of abstinence to stop the addiction loop. She, also, warns readers that seeking pleasure and putting off pain eventually resulted in more suffering.

Quote to remember: “The reason we’re all so miserable may be because we’re working so hard to avoid being miserable.”

Dopamine Nation by Anna Lembke – Buy it or Not?


There are several reasons why you might consider buying “Dopamine Nation” by Anna Lembke:

  1. Insight into addiction: Firstly Anna Lembke, provides valuable insights into addiction and the role of dopamine in addiction. She explains how addiction is not simply a matter of willpower, but rather a complex neurological and psychological process that can be difficult to overcome.
  2. Understanding the role of technology: “Dopamine Nation” explores the impact of technology on our brains and our addiction to screens. Lembke explains how our constant use of technology can lead to addictive behaviors. And, of course, how we can develop healthier relationships with our devices.
  3. Practical advice: The book also offers practical advice for those struggling with addiction. Guidance on how to manage cravings and avoid triggers.
  4. Engaging writing style: Lembke’s writing style is engaging and easy to follow. She uses real-life examples and case studies to illustrate her points, making the book accessible to a wide audience.

Overall, if you are interested in learning more about addiction, the role of dopamine in addiction, and the impact of technology on our brains, “Dopamine Nation” is a worthwhile read.

An Insight from Dopamine Nation

“Because we’ve transformed the world from a place of scarcity to a place of overwhelming abundance: Drugs, food, news, gambling, shopping, gaming, texting, sexting, Facebooking, Instagramming, YouTubing, tweeting . . . the increased numbers, variety, and potency of highly rewarding stimuli today is staggering. The smartphone is the modern-day hypodermic needle, delivering digital dopamine 24/7 for a wired generation.”
― Anna Lembke, Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence

This and much more.

Buy the actual paperback (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), read it carefully, take your notes, and survive this invisible dopamine pandemic we are passing through.

dopamine nation anna lembke barnes & noble

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