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Firstly books are the best source of knowledge and entertainment. A controversial book is something that has been written to stir up debate, discussion, and argument amongst readers. A novel debut is the first book ever published by an author. But, the most searched-for publications are often those which have gained immense popularity due to their content or characters. I recently released my first publication which went on to become a Times Best Seller and also won multiple awards for its novel approach to addressing gender equality. It was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for its profanity and offensive language used in it. With its adaptation into a Netflix series, it quickly became one of the most popular books of the year, winning multiple awards including an ALA Notable Book award for addressing gender identity issues.

Encountering magical bird tales, parrot tales, and the magical bird Debby, owned by parrots and renowned avian scientist Professor Irene Pepperberg, this book was filled with an irreverently honest take on our life. However, professor Irene Pepperberg manages Eggers’ book with her introduction of Debby Smith, a large macaw owned by Michael Steven. Ground efforts to motivate the electorate in registering new voters mobilized record breaking turnout. Moreover these intelligent and loving creatures not only serve as companions but also as a means of registering new voters. The story starts off with an ominous start but quickly turns into a heartwarming story of how far humans can go to help each other out despite the extent of their differences.