Dr. Kojo Sarfo on Debunking TikTok Trends on Mental Health

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By offering creative medical education that emphasizes the highest level of learning, the Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI) podcast is dedicated to raising awareness for mental health.

Key opinion leaders in the medical community provide information on current psychiatric issues in each episode. Anyone with an interest in neuropsychiatric disorders and psychopharmacology would benefit from listening to the NEI podcast.

In this episode, the NEI podcast hosts Dr. Kojo Sarfo to debunk TikTok trends on mental health. Dr. Kojo discusses some major concerns around the trends in social media related to mental issues.

  • Mental health self-diagnosis and its consequences.
  • The trend for supplement recommendations via social platforms such as TikTok, and particularly for L-tyrosine.
  • Are the TikTok trends that surround mental health a positive thing? Or maybe they are a potential danger?

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Who is Dr. Kojo Sarfo?

Following the completion of his Associate of Science in Nursing degree at The University of West Alabama, he went on to Western Governors University to get his Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From Augusta University, he eventually earned his Doctorate in Nursing Practice with a focus on Psychiatry.

Dr. Kojo is devoted to dispelling the stigma associated with mental health on social media sites, like TikTok, and raising awareness about mental health disorders.

With more than a million followers across all of his social networks, Dr. Kojo Sarfo is a mental health nurse specialist, psychotherapist, recognized publisher of “You Already Won,” and social media content creator (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Thriller).

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